It is not so uncommon for men to experience a drop in their desire to have sex as they get older. There are a lot of factors that can result in this plunge in male libido and even testosterone. However, there are some natural libido enhancers that can help boost your libido once again.

Most of these include herbs and plant extracts that have been used for thousands of years to help men overcome sexual problems.

10 Natural Libido Enhancers for Men


1)  Ginseng

This is a herb that owes its discovery to the Chinese. Ginseng is not just an energy booster but also helps increase blood flow throughout the body, including the penile region. This is why it is used as a libido booster for both men and women. Moreover, it is also known to increase sperm production in men.


2)  L- Arginine

This is another great libido enhancer for men. One of its main functions is that it helps boost nitric oxide production in your body, just the way Viagra does. This is why it is often called the Natural Viagra.

Nitric oxide plays an important role in increasing flow of blood to the penis. It helps blood vessels dilate so that more blood can be allowed into the erectile tissue making it hard and stiff.

Some of the best sources of l-arginine include Oatmeal, Peanuts, Cashews,Walnuts, Dairy, Green Vegetables, Soybeans, Seeds and Chickpeas.


3)  Fo-Ti

Yet another herb that is an excellent libido enhancer for men. It is also called he shou wu which means “bacl haired Mr He” in Chinese. Legend has it that a certain Mr He use to have this herb and it was responsible for restoring his black hair, youthful experience and sexual vitality.

4) Horny Goat Weed

Epimediu Sagittatum or horny goat weed is another Chinese herb that can help increase your sex drive considerably. It is also known to increase the production of nitric oxide resulting in improved blood flow to the penis.

5)  Damiana

Damiana is a plant that is found in Mexico and much of Southern United States. It is used to enhance sex drive and libido in both men and women alike.

6)  Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is an excellent testosterone booster for men. This is a herb that is extensively used in Chinese and Indian medicine system for preparing herbal medications that help to treat sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. It is known to increase testosterone production in your body by stimulating the Lutenizing Hormone or LH, which stimulates the leydig cells in your testosterone to produce more testosterone.

It not only increases testosterone but also helps boost blood circulation in your body. Moreover, it is also known to increase stamina and endurance.

7)  Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a tree native to Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It was dubbed the “Asian Viagra” in a May 1999 report in the New Sunday Times. Tongat Ali or Long Jack is also highly effective in increasing testosterone production in men. Since testosterone is the hormone that controls sexual function in men, it helps boost your libido too.

8)  Maca

According to folklore, ancient Incan warriors took maca before going off to battle to make them physically strong. However, they were later prohibited from taking it, in order to protect conquered women from their heightened libidos.

9)  Muira Puama

Muira puama is one of the finest herbs used for treating erectile dysfunction. This shrub is native to Brazil and has long been used as an effective aphrodisiac and nerve stimulant in South American folk medicine. Its safety and effectiveness in improving libido and sexual function in patients has validated from clinical study.

10)  Yohimbe

Yohimbe is an evergreen tree that grows in western Africa in Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo and Gabon. Yohimbe bark extracts are widely promoted online and in health food stores as a natural aphrodisiac to increase libido and treat erectile dysfunction.

Libido Supplements

One of the best libido supplements for men is Provacyl. It is not just a great testosterone booster for men but also helps enhance HGH secretion in your body. What it means is that it not only helps enhance male libido and ensures powerful erections but also helps you overcome age effects.

Provacyl is a complete body makeover for men. Unlike testosterone and HGH replacement therapy, it works slowly but it is safe and does not have any side effects. This is because it is not a replacement therapy but is a simulator that helps your body produce more of its own testosterone and HGH naturally. You must have it for at least 6 months to get the best results.

It has helped thousands of men regain their sexual and overall health over the past 6 years and comes with a complete money back guarantee so that you have nothing at risk.

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